“Wow, I love that name for your company, SheDefined. How did you come up with it.”

Well, the story is long, but the outcome is short. The name came from She Redefined. And, I shortened it to SheDefined. The purpose, of course, is to bring awareness to women, that WE decide and WE define our own lives. And how we believe = how we see = what shows up = our life.
And, if I’m in charge and truly have the power to live the life I want, then why aren’t I? What do I need to change, shift, understand, choose…to have that life? Who do I need to be?

So, I created SheDefined because so many of us forget that we are in power at all times. That we get to choose who we are being, how we show up, and more importantly, whether or not we live the life of our dreams – the life of purpose and passion, the life defined for ourself by our “self”.

Oftentimes we give our power to those around us to define us. It starts off when we are children. When our parents, with the greatest intentions and from a heart full of love, say something to us that includes the word “should”.
“You argue a lot. You should be an attorney, when you grow up.”
“You should be more like your sister.”
“You should be more like Suzie. She does great in school and doesn’t talk back.”
“Get your head out of the clouds. Very few people make money that way. You should be an accountant…you are so good with money.”

I’m sure there are thousands more “should” statements that put us in a box. Most of the time, these statements do not consider you as you. They come from someone else’s experience, pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs. And, if we buy into their “shoulds”, we adjust our beliefs to create the buy in. Their “should” become our beliefs, which become our truths.

And, once those beliefs become our truth, we lose our passion and purpose, and our belief that our dreams are relevant, meaningful, and possible. We compare ourselves to others and wonder why their “perfect” lives are not our lives. We “should” ourselves out of our “selves”. We forget or never learn, that we are perfect – even and especially – in our imperfection.

We forget (or never learn) that we always have a choice. That the truth is we were born with all that we need, to be all that we dream. We are born with purpose and have most likely found our passion. We were born with “choice”, the greatest gift of all.

And, in choice, we decide. We decide what we want OUR life to look like. We decide how we want to show up every day. We decide, that no matter what life presents to us, how we receive it is up to us. We decide what we believe – about the world around us, about the people around us, about the events around us, and about ourselves.

And from those beliefs we create our reality…our life…our definition of ourselves.

From these choices and beliefs, we decide our definition of success, of beauty, perfection, happiness, grace, love, honesty, and others. And from these beliefs we create our view of the world we see.

So, who is a SheDefined Woman? A SheDefined Woman :

  • Owns the outcome of her choices and is living (or learning to live) the life of her dreams
  • Defines her life, her way: consciously, on purpose, and with passion
  • Lives life from the inside out
  • Loves, truly loves herself and from this love, opens her heart to others
  • Understands her imperfection is perfect and provides her the lessons and insight to grow, inspire, and learn life’s lessons
  • Forgives herself easily and owns her impact on the world
  • Embraces both success and failure – because in failure lies the deepest lessons of our soul
  • Believes in and uses her power of Choice
  • Is open to infinite possibility
  • Uses her beliefs to motivate and inspire to action and is willing to look at and let go of those beliefs that do not serve her or the world
  • Uses her voice for greatness and a better world
  • Lives life on her terms
  • Lives in the present, letting go of past, not worrying about the future

My wish for you is that you find your strength inside of yourself. The strength and power that is always there for you to draw on whenever you need it. And, that you love yourself, truly love yourself.

My wish for you is that you OWN your choices and their outcomes and that you live a SheDefined life: On purpose, with unlimited possibility, moving in the direction of your dreams, always creating, learning, and growing.


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