About Me

Welcome To SheDefined!

We can only change that which we acknowledge
I was born into a home full of love…and addiction. A home full of fun and dysfunction. A home that felt safe…and at times unsafe. A home of freedom and of bondage. A home full of human-ness and lessons. My lessons and theirs.
My personal and deep work has evolved my professional world into entrepreneurship, which allows me to consciously create and build businesses that align with my purpose and values. SheDefined is the marriage of my professional, business building experience with the awareness, insight, and knowledge that it takes a mindset shift to define the business and life based on your clarity and vision. We help you to clarify your vision so that you can create and live the plan to guide you on the path of your choosing.

My mission

my purpose, my truth
My purpose is to have a meaningful impact on other women through teaching, from my experience of our innate power, and how only through changing our thoughts and beliefs by letting go of fear and pain can we effect true, lasting change. My intent is to combine my professional experience and education with my deep, personal work to be a guide to working and entrepreneurial women to live a consciously defined professional and personal life. And, to further bring awareness and understanding that we are imperfect and that in our acceptance of what is, we can continue to create what we want it to be. And, it all is okay.