WE offer coaching as a stand-alone program or an add-on to our retreats, programs, and workshops to continue the work, create accountability, and support your movement forward.

What is Coaching: Coaching is a process where you, the client (coachee), sets the agenda and determines the direction you would like to go in the coaching relationship. The coach’s job is to keep you on track, hold you accountable, and, when necessary, push you through your limiting beliefs, unproductive habits, and disruptive thoughts to lead you to your full potential.

My Coaching: My style of coaching is accountability and support focused. I support you to achieve everything you desire. I see the power in you, that you may not yet see. I help you to discover the resources and gifts you already possess, so you become self-reliant and can push your own self-limiting boundaries to discover your greatness. I also come to the relationship with tools, assessments, and resources to add to your toolbox, to help you through the overwhelm and chaos to find focus and clarity so you can act fully from your unlimited potential!

Coaching Package 1: $750/mo 3 month minimum Payable monthly

Package 1 includes 2 hours of in person coaching, 1-45 minute telephone session, along with weekly text / email support for check-ins, support, and worksheet reviews. This is great for women who are building a business or transitioning to a new position and need more depth of support and accountability.

Coaching Package 2: $550/mo 3 month minimum Payable monthly

Package 2 includes 1 hour of in-person coaching, 45 minutes of telephone coaching and weekly text / email support for check-ins and worksheet reviews. This is great for women whose lives are too busy for in-person work, prefer text and email, and need more support and accountability.

Coaching Package 3: $400/mo 3 month minimum Payable Monthly

Package 3 is in partnership with The link is here:

Personal Coaching

This package includes 45 minutes of telephone coaching and unlimited text / email support via their platform (ASANA). This is great for busy executives and out-of-the-area clients who would like consistent support, but do not have time to meet in person. Additional telephone hours can be added on at a rate of $200/hour.

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A la carte – pricing outside of a package:

  • 1 hour in-person coaching / consulting: $350/hr w/ Package $250/hr
  • 1 hour telephone coaching / consulting: $250/hr w/ Package $200/hr
  • “Julia Aquino has been an incredible resource for me for nearly 10 years. Her ability to ask relevant questions and zero in on solutions is remarkable.  I’ve watched her help a roundtable client resolve an issue that she had been unable to resolve through impactful questions and a shift in perspective. I have also worked with Julia one-on-one for personal leadership coaching and hired her to facilitate several programs that my company sponsors to promote personal development and business relationships.  Her manner is so approachable and she is wise beyond her years.” Traci Miller, Miller Construction