Workshops and Roundtables

SheStrategy Workshop

You know you want something more for your business and your life. You may not have clarity of vision and purpose, however you do know you have choices and that you “get to” define your next chapter of your business, of your life. And this is where She Strategy begins.

She Strategy is a full day workshop that is based on the book She Strategy and is designed to take you from where you are today TO where it is you DESIRE to go – based on your vision of your ideal, happy, successful, abundant, purposeful business and life.

She Strategy is designed to move you forward towards your goals. Your goals, defined from your purpose, passion, and vision. It is a program focused on moving you out of what keeps you stuck and into what keeps you moving forward, in the direction of your vision.

She Strategy is provides meaningful answers, simple tools and insight, clear and focused actionable tools, and support when you need it most.
The day starts with breakfast, getting to know each of you and then we get into the work:

1. Pre-She Srategy Coaching Session – you are assigned a coach who will work with you for 1 60 minute and 1 30 minute session – prior to the workshop – to help you to get clear on what you would like to accomplish in the workshop

2. Clarifying your Vision – Defining and easily communicating what it is that you want. This is deeper than “I want to be successful” or “I want $10 million in the bank”. We don’t ignore these goals, but the vision we help you to construct includes your passion and purpose and BIG dreams and vision for yourself, family, work, daily life.

3. Defining Where you are Today – Once your vision is clear, then we need to understand where you are today. In order to define next steps we need to understand the starting point. Then we can create the path.

4. Getting Real on What is Holding you back – We help you to get clear on what thoughts, fears, beliefs, and outside influences ( you know – those well-meaning friends, family members, co-workers) are creating the obstacles that “continue” to get in your way. And, we help you to find a new way to manage those factors to create your truth of power and possibility.

5. Strategy for Realizing your Vision: This is where we Define the Strategy to get from Point A – to Point B – including measurable Goals and actionable tasks. This is where you begin to take action

6. She Strategy Online Roundtables – bi-monthly online live coaching and support designed to allow anyone who has been in a workshop to get additional support and instruction to keep them on track

7. Coaching (optional) – Coaching packages are available to provide individual support to keep you on track, accountable, and support the changes that may be necessary for your vision to be fully realized

She Strategy Roundtables

The SheStrategy Roundtables are year-long, monthly roundtables that utilize the SheStrategy principles to provide an environment to create your Vision, develop and work on the execution of your Strategy, while discussing the obstacles and tools to move past them. These monthly meetings are in-person, led by a SheStrategy coach, and require a 12-month commitment to realize optimal results.

Each Roundtable is 2 hours long, except for the 1st one, which is 4 hours and works from the Vision through to the Strategy.